Little Willows, Luxury Accommodation.


Little Willows,
Willow Cottage,
Nursery Road,
NR14 6BF


Telephone 01508 528525


To check availability please visit where there is an availability calendar which is updated as bookings come in on a daily basis.


When making a reservation I will require the full name address and contact telephone number of the enquirer, as well as e-mail address so that I may send a confirmation of the reservation together with directions for finding Little Willows and a copy of the Terms and Conditions as shown on I will require a 50% deposit against the full charge of the booking. The deposit and refund policy is outlined in the Terms and Conditions.


Access to the property is down a short drive to a five bar gate which is kept closed at all times to keep both my little dog Lola in and the rabbits out.

The drive surface area is covered with shingle. There is plenty of space for parking which is marked by a series of small cast iron parking signs in front of a large grassed area.

The accommodation is located directly next to the parking area.

Dusk to dawn lighting provides light in the area.

I will require guests to complete a registration card and then return this document to me at their earliest convenience.

Guests will be given keys to the front door and their bedrooms.


The cottage is in the grounds of and next to the main house called Willow Cottage.

There are three low steps leading up to the front door of Little Willows. There is a door sill to go over when accessing the main house for breakfast. There are door mats as you enter Little Willows and Willow Cottage.

The flooring throughout Little Willows is wood. There is a small rug in the sitting room under a sofa table. There are no other carpets. The flooring in Willow Cottage is tiles in the porch and oak flooring in the dining room. There is a rug under the dining table.

All the accommodation is on one floor - there are no stairs.

There are no disabled toilet facilities although I am able to provide a special frame to go around the toilet should this be requested.

There is no telephone in Little Willows but I am happy for guests to use my phone and give friends and family my telephone number. Mobile phone reception can prove to be difficult depending on what phone and service provider is used.

Little Willows and Willow Cottage are non smoking throughout.


I accept well behaved dogs by prior arrangement. You will be asked to sign the following dog policy when you arrive.


Dear guests,

In the interest of the safety of all guests I am unable to accept dogs of breeds whose behavior is known to be unpredictable. I will therefore NOT take:

  • Staffordshire
  • Pitbull
  • Doberman
  • Rottweiler breeds or any cross breed including these strains. If your dog has any record of unpredictable behavior please make other arrangements for your stay.
  • For other large dogs please check before making a reservation.

I welcome well behaved and friendly dogs. In order to provide for the health and safety of all guests, I ask you to keep to the following rules.

  • Dogs should be under your ownership and responsibility for at least 6 months prior to your stay. I do not take dogs younger than 6 months old.
  • Dogs must be under control of their owner in all common areas at all times. If Little Willows is fully booked, dogs are not allowed in the sitting room without the consent of the other guests.
  • Dogs may not be left unattended in common areas or rooms, regardless of how they may be secured.
  • Regardless of whether the dog is in your room or a common area the owner is responsible for immediate clean-up and repairs of incidental damage caused by the dog. The clean-up should be thorough enough so as to generate no additional work for the Little Willows cleaners. I provide “poo bags ”, if necessary.
  • In the interest of other guests I cannot accept dogs that are prone to yapping or barking. If unanticipated disturbance does occur, you will be expected to remove your dog to your car, so that other guests are not disturbed.
  • Your dog is always the responsibility of yourself, the owner. The owner is liable for any damage or upset caused by the dog.
  • I expect that all appropriate vaccination, including flea treatment, have been regularly carried out on your dog. If veterinary standards are not met, you must mention this to us straight away.
  • Dogs are not allowed on any furniture and may not sleep in/on your bed or the common areas. If you forgot to bring appropriate bedding for the dog, please ask - I can help you.
  • Please always make sure that your dog is clean before bringing it into the house. If necessary, please ask me for a bucket, cloths, hosepipe – all is available on request. Dog towels are available on request.
  • Dogs may not be cleaned in the showers, sinks or the baths.
  • I reserve the absolute right to terminate a stay without notice if a dog and/or its owner cause damage or inconvenience to other guests, the property or me and my dog. No recompense will be given in such cases.

Thank you for your cooperation. I hope you’ll have a happy and relaxing stay with your dog at Little Willows.


Guests are welcome to use the garden and terrace at their own discretion. There are table and chairs on the terrace and in addition there are two arm chairs available on request.


During the winter months the central heating is set to go on twice a day, morning and evening. Every effort is made to maintain the cottage at an even comfortable temperature. All radiators have individual thermostats for greater flexibility of control.

SELF-CATERING GUESTS: there is a supplementary charge for self-catering guests who wish to have the heating switched on for longer periods of time.

During the summer months the heating is generally turned off. Guests are asked to speak to me should they wish to have the heating turned on.


I do not allow any hot food to be consumed in bedrooms.

Consumption of food in public areas is only allowed if the whole cottage is being rented for self-catering.

Breakfast is served in the main house. I will leave a breakfast order form in each bedroom. Breakfast is served from 07.30 and finishes at 09.00.


There are two bedrooms, each with their own bathrooms.

Each bed room has an upright chair.

Each room has a double bed with feather duvet.
There is a non feather duvet available on request.
There is a light weight duvet available on request.
I can also provide a top sheet for the beds during the summer months should the guests find the weather to be uncomfortably hot.

The beds are fitted with a mattress protector, one sheet, a duvet and duvet cover. There are cushions and a throw on each bed. All sheets and duvet covers are laundered prior to each guest occupying their room, and changed upon their departure. All pillows have protectors beneath the pillow cases, pillow cases will be laundered as with sheets outlined above.

  • All bedrooms are equipped with a remote controlled Freeview TV.
  • All bedrooms are equipped with a radio alarm clock.
  • All bedrooms are equipped with a hospitality tray comprising a kettle, tea pot and cafetiere for coffee. I provide a selection of teas, ground coffee, sugar and milk. A flask of fresh milk can be supplied upon request.
  • All bedrooms have a hairdryer
  • All bedrooms have a hot water bottle
  • All bedrooms have wardrobe space with ten wooden hangers and two silk hangers.


All bathrooms have towel rails, toilet roll holders, tissues, glass beakers and lidded metal bins as standard. The cottage has a septic tank and guests are requested not to flush items such as nappies and sanitary towels down the toilet. Sanitary towel bags are provided, and I ask that these are deposited into the bin provided and not flushed down the toilet. Shampoo, conditioner and soap is provided. I respectfully request that these are not removed from the room.

There are no disabled facilities in the bathrooms.


This has the following facilities:

  • A walk in shower with raised step into the shower base. The shower has a movable shower head. 
  • Liquid soap dispenser
  • A non slip mat is located in the wardrobe
  • Low level concealed cistern toilet.
  • Ceramic sink.
  • The floor is tiled and a washable bath mat is made available .
  • The bathroom has a window with a blind.
  • Shaver point and mirror is in the bedroom


This has the following facilities:

  • A full size acrylic bath with a shower that can be hand held or positioned in a holder. There is a glass shower screen. 
  • A non slip mat is in the cupboard under the basin.
  • Low level cistern toilet.
  • A ceramic sink
  • The floor is tiled with a washable bath mat made available
  • The bathroom has a window with a blind.
  • Shaver point and mirror are in the bedroom


There is a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket on the wood post going into the kitchen - guests will be shown their location at the time of checking in.

There are 3 smoke detectors, one in each bedroom and one in the public area.

Each window conforms to the required size for use as a fire exit.

There are instructions on what to do in the event of a fire or any emergency on the back of each bedroom door and also in the information file in each room.


If you have any comments please:


Telephone 01508 528525


Willow Cottage,
Nursery Road,
NR14 6BF

Access statement created on 14th May 2009 

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